Can I play at Vulkan Vegas from Australia?

According to the rough data from the Google search engine, about a few hundred people search for information about Vulkan Vegas in Australia every month. This is not very much compared to the main geos for this brand (and this is Germany and Poland in the first place), so finding the answer to the question of whether it is possible to play Vulkan Vegas in Australia is not so simple - the official site does not bother to create an explanatory page for this question . However, we will tell you about it.

The short answer to this question will be as follows: Australian laws prohibit playing online casinos for money. It is not online casinos themselves that are prohibited, but bets on slots and online card games. This is regulated by a law called the Interactive Gambling Act 2001. However, at the site level, registration to Vulkan Vegas from Australian addresses is permitted.

Interactive Gambling Act 2001 in Australia

Despite this law, Australia is one of the most attractive countries for the development of this industry. So, a variety of review sites create ratings and determine the best online casino in Australia, and players use these ratings and play willingly. Therefore, despite the ban on gambling, Australia does not introduce any real actions to prevent gambling activity.

What you need to know about Vulkan Vegas Australia

Vulkan Vegas does not have one specially created version for Australia. If you are identified by the server as a user with an Australian IP address, you will be redirected to the default English page. On the one hand, this is quite normal practice. On the other hand, there are a number of inconveniences specifically for Australians:

  • All information about finances will be indicated not in Australian dollars, but in US dollars. It will also be converted to this currency if your account from which you want to make a deposit does not match the main currency on the site.
  • There are no payment methods and authorization methods specially selected for Australians (for example, through Payid)
  • Marketers and developers of Vulkan Vegas do not track the Australian market as a target, which is why the site may not have popular Australian slot machines and board games.

Common questions related Vulkan Vegas Australia

Is the Vulkan Vegas bonus in Australia different from the bonus in other countries?

No, it's not different. There is no separate version of the site for Australians, so all bonuses are indicated there in US dollars.

How does Vulkan Vegas know I'm from Australia?

First, it can be seen from your IP. If you use vpn, then by your phone number (and it must be indicated) it will also be possible to find out your real location.

Can I get a fine for playing in Australia?

Definitely not.

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