Can I play at Vulkan Vegas from Canada?

If you are wondering if you can play Vulkan Vegas in Canada, we can answer the question briefly and clearly: yes, you can. But if you are not satisfied with such a short answer, we invite you to read our article about how Vulkan Vegas Canada differs from other versions of the site, and what the legislation of this country says about gaming activities. Let's go!

What you need to know about Vulkan Vegas Canada

On the official website of Vulkan Vegas there is a separate version for users from Canada. It is located at All players with Canadian IP addresses who go to the site either from a search or from other sources are redirected to this site. By the way, please note: if you use VPN to increase security, instead of the Canadian version of Vulkan Vegas, you can be directed to another version, and this will be related to your IP that this VPN gives you.

How is Vulkan Vegas Canada different from other versions? Here are the highlights:

  • Welcome bonuses and bonus system for existing players. Since the Canadian dollar is used in Canada, all bonuses are indicated in this currency. For example, the welcome bonus for Canadians is a maximum of 1000 Canadian dollars, while for Germany the welcome bonus is 1000 euros. CAD is converted into euros at approximately the rate of 0.73 euros per 1 dollar. Thus, we can say that for Europeans, the welcome bonus is slightly higher if we talk about absolute numbers.
  • All bets / jackpots in tournaments and lotteries, slot machines and table games are also indicated in Canadian dollars. Thus, the user does not have to independently calculate the amount of probable winnings.

Visually, Vulkan Vegas Canada is no different from its main English version. Also, there are no unique slot machines or payment systems for Canadians. However, this can not be considered a minus, since the site has a really large number of games and convenient payments are connected.

Regarding the legality of Vulkan Vegas Canada according to the laws of this country. It should be noted that gambling and virtual casinos are not prohibited here, but there is one thing: first of all, brands that have a Canadian gambling license are allowed.

As you know, Vulkan Vegas has a license from Curacao, so from the point of view of Canadian law, this establishment is not legitimate. However, this state does not interfere with the operation of the official website of Vulkan Vegas, and any financial transactions on the resource are not fraught with punishment for the user.

Instead of Conclusions

We hope that Vulkan Vegas Helper specialists have helped you to understand the question of whether it is possible to play Vulkan Vegas in Canada. If you have any questions, please contact us using the contact form below.

Common questions related Vulkan Vegas Canada

Is the Vulkan Vegas bonus in Canada different from the bonus in other countries?

Yes, it is different and amounts to 1000 Canadian dollars. This is less than the bonus in Europe/UK. This is due to the fact that these currencies have a different rate in relation to each other. However, with regard to the percentage of bonus accrual from the deposit amount, it is unchanged.

How does Vulkan Vegas know I'm from Canada?

First, it can be seen from your IP.

Are there any unique payment cards available at Vulkan Vegas Canada?

No, all payment methods are the same as in other geos.

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