Vulkan Vegas app for iOS

According to the official website, the Vulkan Vegas iOS app is under development. However, this message has been hanging for many years. Why don't the developers release the program, because its development is very simple, and the application for Androil has existed for many years? We answer in simple words.

What you need to know about Vulkan Vegas iOS app

The Vulkan Vegas iOS app isn't hard to make, it's hard to distribute.

First of all, the problem is that the Vulkan Vegas iOS app cannot be published and downloaded from the AppStore (the resource where all iOS apps are collected). Despite having a Curacao license, Vulcan Vegas as an online casino is still illegal in many countries. Therefore, Apple developers simply decided not to allow the publication of applications related to gambling.

If we talk about the application for Android, then the representatives of the Vulkan Vegas casino solved this problem by the fact that their application is downloaded simply from the active link, and not from Google Store. But for iOS, it was impossible to do this in a similar way.

The fact is that the iPhone's security system is much more complicated than the Android system. A phone running iOS will literally not allow you to install a program of unknown origin. Only really advanced users can do this by getting into the system settings.

In general, that's all: that's why the Vulcan Vegas app on iOS simply cannot be downloaded to your phone. We hope we have answered your question.

Common questions related to Vulcan Vegas iOS app

Is there a Vulkan Vegas app for iOS?

No, it doesn't exist. This is due to the fact that such an application cannot be placed in the AppStore.

How to play Vulkan Vegas on iPhone?

Play on the official website in the mobile version. The mobile version of Vulkan Vegas is perfectly adapted to all phones.

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