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On any gaming platform where any financial activity is expected (deposit, withdrawal of money), registration is required. This is also necessary for playing at the Vulkan Vegas casino. Registration there is possible on the official website (from PC and mobile - it's equally convenient), as well as from the application.

What you need to know when registering

If it seems to you that there should be no problems during registration, because this is the simplest procedure, then this is not entirely true. Yes, technically there is nothing complicated in registering at the Vulkan Vegas casino, but there are a few points, ignorance of which can play a cruel joke on you. So here they are:

  • Never create a second account for yourself. If you have already registered at the Vulkan Vegas casino, but have forgotten your password, then it is better to start the procedure for restoring access to your account. Remember that the detection of the facts of re-registration may lead to account blocking.
  • In the fields full name, phone number and address, indicate your real data so that in the future you will not have problems with verifying your identity and withdrawing funds to a card that does not match the specified data at all.
  • If you suddenly create an account from a shared computer (not a private user), do not save your login information in the browser, otherwise your account will be insecure.

Common questions related to registering at Vulkan Vegas

Why can't I go to the official website to register?

If you are unable to access the official site, the site may not be available for registration in your geo. Currently, it is possible to play Vulkan Vegas in the following countries: England, Germany, Poland, Spain, Chile, Canada, Portugal, Peru, Hungary, Romania, Japan, Finland, Estonia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines, China.

Why am I not receiving a confirmation email?

The confirmation letter for registration at the Vulkan Vegas casino is automatically generated, because of which it may end up in the SPAM folder in the mail. Check her out.

Can I make a deposit immediately after registering with Vulkan Vegas?

Yes, you can deposit money into your account immediately after registration. However, please note that in order to withdraw money, you will still need to go through an ID-verification of your account.

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